About Us

Who We Are

As consumers, we need to come together and demonstrate our collective power to have a say in electricity issues.
Kuryente.org is a consumer welfare organization that pursues transparency and good governance in the energy industry sector. We are working to ensure the rights of the Filipino people for sustainable, accessible, reliable and affordable energy service in the country.
To realize consumer choices, we at Kuryente.org are building and strengthening partnerships to advocate for the strong implementation of existing energy laws and key energy policies. With you, we are working to ensure equal and competitive business opportunities in the energy industry and develop the needed infrastructure within planetary limits.

Our Vision

  • Promote and call for an empowered consumer-industry partnership to ensure consumer welfare is promoted and protected
  • Develop venues and platform to facilitate strategic collaborations and working relationships among stakeholders
  • Provide timely insights and analysis on energy and consumers issues in various venues and platforms to ensure that our organizational vision is publicly shared, and referred to in forums, discussions, and meetings.
  • Contribute to ensure existing laws are strengthened and implemented

Our Core Values

Agile, responsive but strategic: We are strategic in identifying which issues and events to respond to in order to maximize our leverage and impact.

Collaborative: We tactically work with organizations or individuals based on our visions and objectives for a progressive energy sector and industry in the country.

Solutions oriented: We provide critical feedback on issues within the context of arriving at a solution to a problem.

Accountable: We take ownership and we are transparent. We can ensure that all activities are always planned and executed in consideration of the common good.

Pragmatic: We have a pragmatic way of dealing with energy related problems having practical considerations within planetary limits, rather than theoretical ones.

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