Kuryente.Org is a consumer welfare advocacy group. At the heart of its mission is to educate consumers on their rights, particularly on issues concerning the power or electricity industry in the country. While there are already some existing campaigns and advocacy calls pertaining to energy and consumer affairs in the Philippines, Kuryente.Org is unique in the sense that it seeks to provide venues of platforms for consumer participation by linking the regular Filipino users to relevant government agencies and institutions as well as the key power players. Kuryente.Org envisions to advance a more just, equal and sustainable energy system, where the Filipino people have their voice, power and choice.
The Philippines has the second highest cost of electricity in Asia. Along with other factors, Kuryente.Org believes that the lack of venues for meaningful consumer participation and feedback are crucial factors why the electric cost in the country remains high. Due to generation, transmission, and distribution issues, high electricity costs cast a heavy burden to Filipino households, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic already causing financial strain to many families. In order to keep the lights on, families are forced to allot a sizeable portion of their budget to pay for electricity bills. The high cost of electricity is very limiting, especially when combined with government inefficiency, red tape and corruption, which can deter domestic and economic growth and further hamper the entry of needed investments in the energy sector. We believe this is the key to spurring competitions to develop strategic infrastructures to realize consumers’ increasing demand to more and better energy choices.
Our vision is to have a progressive energy industry, and a well-informed citizenry. We believe this can be achieved when our energy sector becomes sustainable, transparent, accountable, accessible, inclusive, reliable, and competitive in providing affordable energy service in the country. Aside from improving the energy sector, we fully believe in the power of the educated consumer. We aim to provide avenues for learning about the power industry and making relevant information available to the masses through our social media accounts, and other activities such as forums, conventions and trainings. We will also provide alternative feedback mechanisms that will link consumers to the appropriate agency that would answer their concerns. This would allow meaningful conversations between the regular consumer and the power players in the industry, which before this would have no direct linkage and access for dialogue. We also envision a pragmatic consumer agenda that puts the Country’s sovereignty at heart. We believe in bringing back the power to the people, particularly the Filipino people.
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